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tv   9 News Now at Noon  CBS  July 18, 2011 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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hello, i'm jc hayward. thanks for being with us. investigators are looking for the source of a fire that caused four boats to go up in flames at the marina on the anacostia river. the flames broke out just before 3:00 this morning at the
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washington yacht club in the 1500 block of m street southeast. surae chen talked with some of the boat owners earlier today. >> reporter: 60 firefighters wear life jackets on top of their equipment trying to get the fire under control. >> there's nothing left. >> reporter: as fire engulfs four large boats, a frustrated captain bill is kept a safe distance away. he got a call early this morning. >> they called the head honcho, and he said, bill, i hate to bring you the bad news. >> reporter: that head honcho is commodore steve ricks, who also lost his boat. >> it really feels as though you've lost part of your family. i was just on it yesterday. when i left it, it was perfect. and now that i'm back, or when i first got the call and got here it was fully engulfed in flames. >> reporter: captain bill is finally able to see the damage, but what he wanted to see so badly will give him heartache for a long time to come.
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with only the bow of his pride and joysticking out of the water. that i'm still in shock. i had just renovated the boat, and now everything is gone. >> reporter: fire investigators say the estimated dollar loss could approach a million dollars. but if you talk with boat owners, they say their boat is priceless. >> i can't bring back what it gave me, and what it provided me every day. but you have to pick yourself up and figure out a way to move on. >> reporter: ricks, whose boat is named after his wife, now has to break the news to her. in southeast, surae chinn, 9news now. >> luckily there were no injuries. most of the boat owners have insurance but they say it will be hard to replace. investigators are looking for the cause of another fire in southeast that damaged the boyhood home of local r and b singer genuine.
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the flames broke out in the 1300 block of massachusetts avenue southeast. two adults and a child were taken to the hospital as a precaution. >> it did take about 15 minutes or so for the firefighters to bring the fire under control. we believe that it started in the kitchen. pretty significant damage to the home. the family will be displaced. >> investigators say that it appears the capitol hill row house was not equipped with a smoke detector. officials believe the fire began in the kitchen. a man accused of swapping identities in order to escape from u.s. marshals is due in court today. 24-year-old james brewer is an accused killer. he reportedly switched id bracelets with another prisoner at a holding facility in d.c. superior court. the swap allowed him to walk away last friday night. brewer turned himself in to officials the very next day. he is accused of killing an
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elderly man last month. a north carolina man is being extradited to the outer banks after police found a body in his car. the discovery was made in the western part of virginia in the town of clifton forge. a nationwide alert was posted for 19-year-old enrico massaro. he is charged with with murder in kitty hawk. according to police they tracked him down using cell phone records. traffic came to a halt this morning because of a school bus fire in rockville. the vehicle burst into flames, and all four lanes of southbound i-270 were blocked. there were no children luckily on board the bus at the time. it is being taken to a garage for repairs. the fire department put out the flames safely. there were no injuries. two people are dead in a crash of a tour bus that left from washington, and it was carrying passengers to niagara
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falls yesterday when it left the roadway and smashed into a wooden median. it happened along interstate 390 in bath, new york. nearly three dozen people were injured. a spokesperson says that the preliminary investigation indicates that there was a blown tire, and that caused the crash. the whereabouts of casey anthony are being kept under wraps following her release from an orlando, florida jail. the florida mother gained her freedom on sunday after spending nearly three years in jail for lying to police. anthony reenters a world where many are still angry that she was acquitted in the death of her two-year-old daughter caylee. experts say casey anthony could be targeted. >> she's going to need some immediate protection, immediate security, and that's going to involve hiding her out, getting her in a place where the public can't reach her.
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>> with interview offers of up to $1 million, anthony may be able to afford her new life, but for now, she is out of sight. even her parents do not know where she is. today's arraignment day for two republican political operatives accused in a robo call scheme. they will be arraigned in baltimore. they are accused of using automatic phone calls to discourage black voters in prince george's county from going to the polls last november. they were doing it to support republican gubernatorial candidate bob ehrlich. there was another high- profile resignation today connected to the infamous phone hacking scandal investigation in england. meanwhile, questions are being raised about the arrest of rupert murdoch's former head of british operations. tina krause has more from london. >> reporter: a senior london
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police officer has resigned after being suspended in the phone hacking scandal. the assistant commissioner decided not to reopen an investigation two years ago into allegations journalists at the news of the world were listening in on voice mails. his resignation comes on the heels of london's police chief stepping down sunday. britain's prime minister is calling for an emergency session of parliament to deal with the crisis. he's also cutting his trip to south africa short as he tries to reassure the public the investigation will be fair. >> the metropolitan police service inquiry must go wherever the evidence leads. they should investigate without fear or favor. >> reporter: britain's serious fraud office could be next to launch a probe into the phone hacking allegations. the government anti-fraud agency is also ready to help u.s. authorities who are looking into whether 9/11 families were hacking victims. rupert murdoch, his son james, and murdock's former british ceo rebecca brooks will likely
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face punishing questions from lawmakers when they appear before parliament tuesday. brooks was arrested over the weekend and released on bail. she spent hours answering questions about what she knew about hacking while she was in charge. >> she is not guilty of any criminal offense. >> reporter: police have arrested 10 people in connection with the investigation but no one has been charged with a crime yet. tina krause, cbs news, london. >> still to come on 9news now at noonl this be the week that the stalemate over the budge set finally resolved? we'll tell you about the latest developments. plus, they can see where they've been, but not where they're going. we'll tell you why these people are running backwards.
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a vote to raise the government's borrowing power is scheduled for tomorrow in the house of representatives. the tea party proposal would let the government raise the debt limit if it approves a constitutional amendment requiring a billioned budget. danielle nottingham has more. >> reporter: the august 2nd deadline to raise the debt limit is looming, but lawmakers are still at odds over how to get the job done. and americans aren't happy with the long debate. a new cbs news poll says 48% disapprove of the way president obama is handling the
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negotiations. 58% disapprove of how the democrats are doing and 71% disapprove of how republicans are handling talks. democrats are pushing for the so-called grand bargain that combines some tax increases with about $4 billion in spending cuts. republicans don't support it. tomorrow the house is expected to vote on the tea party's plan called cut, cap, and balance. it calls for immediate budget cuts, a cap on future spending, and the con stie togsal amendment requiring a balanced budget. that plan is likely to pass in the house, but it doesn't have much support in the senate. >> no one believes there are 67 votes for any version of that. >> reporter: senate leaders are working on their own plan. it gives the president the power to block some provisions. >> it takes the pressure off all the politicians but allows
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us to pass a debt limit without making the hard choices that this country has to make. >> reporter: time is running out for lawmakers to make those choices. if they don't, the country could default on its loans for the first time in history. danielle nottingham, cbs news, washington. >> the nation actually hit the debt ceiling several wakes ago but the treasury department was able to use accounting maneuvers to buy lawmakers some extra time in order to work out a deal. five people are being treated for injuries they received when a stage collapsed during a cheap trick concert in canada. rescue workers could be seen helping people from the site in ottawa. cheap trick was performing on stage during canada's blues fest when the stage caved in. a thunderstorm in the middle of the concert also sent thousands scrambling for cover. birthday wishes are going out to nelson mandela. mr. mann della became south africa's first black president
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after spending 27 years in prison for his fight against apartheid. he was awarded a nobel peace prize. school children sang for mandela. today he turns 93 years old, and people are being urged to give an hour of public service in order to mark the occasion. a disappointed u.s. women's world cup soccer team is on its way home. they boarded a bus in frankfurt, germany this morning. the u.s. team lost to the underdog japan squad on penalty kicks in extra time. >> i'm pretty devastated, obviously. i think we have a lot to be proud of, and we're going back to a country that's extremely proud of us, and, you know, that means a lot so we've got keep our chins up. >> the u.s. women's team was in search of its third world cup title. the americans had won 22 of
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their previous matches against japan. it was a fabulous game. there was a lot of local interest in the game. the crowd at one bar and grill in woodbridge watched as japan sank the game winning goal. many were rooting for a team member who comes from prince william county. the first fan watched the game as well. the white house released this photo of the president, first lady, and their daughters watching the game on television. it might not be up there with world cup competition. 30 competitors turned out for the first ever london backwards championship. organizers say the fastest forward runners are not necessarily the best runs going backwards. >> i practice on a bake path at home, and i would wait a little
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bit until a couple people weren't around, because i got weird looks from people, confused. >> the winner was an irishman who breezed home almost one minute before his nearest competitor. many of the people who finished the race on wobbly legs could be heard saying, never again. howard's going to be here with the forecast. >> jc, i don't think i'll be wearing my suit jacket at all for the rest of the week. it is stifling already. the heat is up, the humidity is up, and we're just getting started. i'll have the complete forecast detailing a steamy seven-day when 9news now at noon returns.
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get ready, because it's going to get hotter. >> it is. i'm going to say this right now. if you don't have air conditioning, you need to do something this week. you might be able to get by for a couple days without it, but when we start to get to 100 degrees. >> go to the mall. >> thely mall, anywhere you can, to stay cool. you need to do this. also, don't forget your pets. they don't cool off as easily as we do. if you've got elderly neighbors, check on them. these are going to be some of the most dangerous days we have seen in awhile. it's going to be an extended period and that is what's going to take a to. we're looking at temperatures on the doppler. we have a couple of computer
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hiccups, so bear with me. we've got a temperature of 98 here in washington but it feels like 93 with the heat index. as we look at the other numbers, 91 in baltimore, 87 in annapolis. upper i didn't say as we approach pax river. 90 in warrenton where there was a bit of fog. let's take you over to the weather computer. out in the tropics, actually after tropical storm. this is brett. here's the coast of florida, orlando. this would be kennedy space center down in fort lauderdale. this is brett, tropical storm with 50-mile-per-hour winds. for us, that's not going to be a problem. it's going out to sea. it's this activity in michigan and wisconsin. some of this is going to be here later tonight, probably after midnight, then again on tuesday. so that would be the better chances for showers and stores. as we look at the seven-day forecast you will see temperatures in the mid-90s. tonight, 77 in town, tuesday
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94. the heat is on, wednesday 95. thursday, friday, saturday, that's going to be the dangerous stuff. 100 or better. by sunday 97. maybe a storm on friday and again on sunday. >> i'm peggy fox with with when you go out to a restaurant how much of the food you eat is locally grown? well, if you go to one of the 21 restaurants in loudoun county participating in the brand-new farm to fork loudoun project, 70% of it is guaranteed local. we have christopher edwards and bob ruppe. why is this such a good thing? >> it's all in the spirit of collaboration. we're going to have visitors experience a locally sourced meal. and that includes the restaurant tours, the wineries, and the folks growing the produce. >> chris is making a sample of a beautiful looking meal here. tell us what you're making,
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chris. >> we have chicken breast. we're dog put that over some locally grown vegetables that we grew on the farm. we're going to do it with a little bit of gumbo sauce. so this is actually 100% locally grown. and we have a nice dessert wine to pair it with. >> plate it up. let us get a look at this gorgeous meal. this is so wonderful to support local wineries, local restaurants, and have it all be right there from your home, from your neighborhood. fantastic. so go to, and we will have a link for you, so you can find out all about farm to fork loudoun and find out about the restaurants, chefs, and wineries participating. freshening breath? that's easy. keeping teeth strong? that's tough.
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so our dentist recommended act. [ male announcer ] act mouthwash restores enamel and makes teeth up to 2 times stronger. act. stronger teeth and fresher breath in every bottle. the tuskegee airmen he were the first black airmen that served with distinction in world war ii. they flew more than 15,000 successful combat missions, and this year they are celebrating their 70th anniversary. it is an honor to have brigadier general leon johnson here. he came all the way there big d, dallas, texas. what a delight to have you as my guest. >> thank you for having me. >> this is going to be a special convention that starts august 3rd at the gaylord convention center, celebrating 70 years of greatness. >> yes. >> what's going to take place?
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>> back in 1941 on july 19th, the first class started at us the -- at tuskeegee. we will have a documentary, "for love of victory," then youth day at the convention center. there will be a youth luncheon. we're not going to sit the youth down for lunch. we'ring to let them wander through an exhibit area. we're going to have people they can interact with, because one of our big purposes with youth is giving them an opportunity to think about careers in aviation and aerospace. >> and focusing on science. and that's what the nonprofit part of tuskegee airmen, incorporated, does, trying to get them focused on science and
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aviation. >> our purpose is to preserve the heritage of the original airmen, because too few people know about their many accomplishments, and as you said, we want youth to be interested in aviation, aerospace, and transportation, and it starts with science, technology, engineering, and math. >> there's going to be a very special wreath laying ceremony sunday, july 31st. what is the significance? >> it's the first time the tuskegee airmen have been to the air force memorial, and we will have a wreath laying to honor the memorial of those who have passed. it's a very special event that will lead into the convention. >> how many original tuskegee airmen are still alive right now? >> the thing i like to explain that with is to say there were 13,000 individuals who participated in the tuskegee experience. that includes all the support personnel, all the administrative, all the
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maintenance, all those personnel. there were 992 men what went through the flight training program. so of those, we have approximately -- less than 200, we estimate of the pilots left. probably about 2500 of the total administrative and support personnel left with us. >> we look forward to welcoming you to the washington area on august 3rd. congratulations for all you've done for our country. >> thank you. >> come back and visit us at 5:00.
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